Bloomed Wall (2017)


Continuing with his study of the natural world
through digital means, Dominic Harris develops
upon his “Bloomed” series with his new piece,
“Bloomed Wall”.

Inspired by the masters of the Dutch Golden Age,
Harris presents four various scenes which play on
the nature of classical still life whilst encouraging
direct interaction from observers.

The scenes progress from the more static, classical
interpretations of still life portraits in muted tones,
through to Harris’ more fluid and contemporary
designs. The fourth and final scene completely
strips back the flowers to their core element,
the petals, thus allowing the viewer’s physical
presence to be the true catalyst for interaction.

The play between nature, symbolism and colour
are treated to his meticulous attention to detail.
Behaviours and movements are interactively
driven by the viewer, who becomes an active
participant in the evolving scenes.