Bloomed Wall: Living Wall (2017)

4K UHD Glass Screen, Multi-point IR touch overlay, 3D Sensor, Bespoke Software, Industrial Computer, Blackened Aluminium.

Medium Format:
65" screen with visible sensor above.
850 (W), 1485 (H), 185 (D) mm
33.5 (W), 58.5 (H), 7.3 (D) inches
Edition of 8 + 2AP + 2P

Large Format:
84" screen with visible sensor above.
1194 (W), 2000 (H), 105 (D) mm
47.1 (W), 78.8 (H), 4.2 (D) inches
Edition of 8 + 2AP + 2P

Requires 120 / 240 volt power supply

Exclusively available through Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

A continuous living circuit of flowers, the third
scene truly defines what is “Bloomed Wall”.
Presented as a vertical garden, the florets float in
a rainbow of buoyant garlands.

The flowers spring to life in a joyful manner,
drawing viewers’ attention and beckoning
them closer. Similar to the other scenes, direct
interaction reveals the flowers’ individual
characteristics and mannerisms.