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Chess Block (2013)

Glass, LED, electronics, stainless steel.

500 (W), 500 (H), 500 (D) mm

8 + 2AP + 2P

Chess Block is an art object by Dominic Harris, using the traditional design of a chessboard. Chess Block is a unique adaptation of this design and offers both an abstract lighting object and a functional design piece.

A game of chess offers its competitors a platform to engage in a strategic and sophisticated game of mental skill. The artwork adds to this, by incorporating a beautiful tangible object, thus embodying spirit of the game. The three dimensions of the artwork brings volume and beauty to chessboard design. The pieces are comprised of illuminated K9 opically clear glass shafts that span between the mirror polished stainless steel base and the top plate. The chess pieces are solid glass blocks each containing an intricate three dimensionally illuminated representation of the specific pieces.

The artwork is unique for its use of remote LED light delivery through the glass to achieve the ‘extruded’ chess board look. As a manifold artwork, Chess Block facilitates a usable object with intricate lighting components, reducing both to basic geometric elements.