Deep Blue Interactive Aquarium (2012)

3x LCD panels, Aluminium, 3d Camera, Custom Electronics & Software

1580 (W), 920 (H), 90 (D) mm

8 + 2AP + 2P

“Deep Blue” is an interactive video canvas in which advanced interactive graphics create a highly engaging visual artwork. Offering a vibrant and detailed view into a virtual aquarium, the interactive aquarium plays on the joyful fantasy of visiting an aquarium where all the marine life – from the smallest clownfish to the largest whale sharks – all respond playfully with the viewer.

A number of highly detailed immersive scenes allow the fascinating exploration of unforgettable scenarios. All of the scenes have a highly detailed realism to them, and yet on closer inspection one discovers a playful tweaking of nature happening. Whilst in real life the fish tend to flee humans, in the “Deep Blue” interactive aquarium they are actively attracted – and appear to make little performances to the amusement and astonishment of an otherwise unsuspecting viewer.