Dominic Harris Solo Show: Moments of Reflection


Dominic Harris: Moments of Reflection

PHOS ART + DESIGN  is pleased to present Moments of Reflection, a solo exhibition of Dominic Harrisʼ digital, interactive artworks curated by Sarah Myerscough. This exhibition will explore human perceptions and expressions of the self through the artistʼs signature use of advanced digital technology. The interactive nature of his practice engages the viewer directly, who in turn becomes an active participant of the artwork; through various visual, sonic and compositional devices the viewer is materialised within the work.

The exhibition will feature the seminal interactive piece Ice Angel, which was exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, as part of the London Design Festival in 2012. Moments of Reflectionʼs updated version of the artwork, which now includes interactively driven sound, re-enacts the youthful playfulness of creating snow angels through digital manipulations; the viewer therefore assumes the role of both performer and portrait subject. As the users move their arms, a new wing shape appears, unfurling from the shoulders, moving and displacing virtual snow. The wings are created dynamically and are linked to the participant; the artwork has a ʻmemoryʼ, capturing a hidden view of the participant and his or her angel wings, and this specific angel identity remains linked to that participant in any future encounters with the artwork. The exhibition will also showcase the newly produced ʻBaby Angelʼ, which acts as a small Memento Mori by offering a visual digital recording of the interaction of the viewerʼs body with the large scale piece.

4 States is a triptych on 4K high resolutions screens that represents the 3 states of water: vapour, liquid and frozen. The ʻ4th stateʼ is the viewer, who is integral to the piece as the water in its various forms follows his or her motions in front of the screen. In this work, as in all of the artistʼs work, a childlike enthrallment for interaction and discovery is encouraged, while a fascination for seeing our human selves decorporealised yet still present in a different form is investigated.

In Conductor, the viewer looks out across a mesmeric tapestry of planets and stars on a large 4K high-resolution screen. The viewer becomes the omnipotent architect of the universe as he or she orchestrates the planets using theatrical hand gestures. Concurrently, a soundtrack responds to the movement of the userʼs hands, creating a dramatic and encompassing interaction for the viewer. The use of sound in bothConductor and Ice Angel, which is inherent to the very structure of the artworks, has become a central compositional tool in Harrisʼ practice along with the use of touch, movement and sight. Harris therefore seeks to create a fully immersive sensory experience for the viewer.

Vanity Mirrorʼs digital display intensely reflects the viewerʼs image back to him or her 180 times via embedded cameras in the screen. Through this, Harris explores the multiplicity of the image in contemporary society and by extension the notion of celebrity as self, which has been engendered through the rise of social media. Furthermore, Vanity Mirror visually realises the concept of the fragmented psyche within a digitally led, postmodern society.

Dominic Harris is an interactive artist who uses lighting, digital design and electronics to evoke nature inspired concepts and artworks. Harrisʼ former training as an architect transpires in his work through his attention to detailing and careful execution. The multi-disciplinary practice Cinimod Studio, founded by Harris in 2007, plays an important role towards the fabrication of his artworks. The twenty-five people that work in the studio, all from different professions/artistic backgrounds – such as architecture, product design, graphic design and programming encourage and support a collaborative approach to interactive art. Most recently, in June 2015, Harris exhibited at the prestigious Design Miami/Basel fair. In March this year, Harris and Cinimod Studio created a major site-specific “Son et Lumiere” projection installation for the facade of the Grand Palais for Art Paris Art Fair 2015. This projection, entitled Concentric Study, presented a series of geometric studies with an accompanying musical score that explored, manipulated and re-discovered the historic Beaux-Arts facade.