Flutter Hologram (2017)

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Blown Glass, Beam Splitter Glass, LCD Screen, Aluminium, Polycarbonate Control Film, Acrylic, Digital Content, Bespoke Electronics.

Requires 110-220v Power Input

440(W), 730(H), 600(D) mm
17.3(W), 28.7(H), 23.6(D) inches
Excluding plinth

Edition of 3 + 1 AP + 1 P
per Flutter Hologram scene

Dominic Harris resumes his role as a digital lepidopterist within his new medium of holography. Inspired by the Victorian illusion of the “Pepper’s Ghost”, he employs an optical sleight of hand to bring butterflies to life within antique bell jars.

Inspired by the often forgotten tricks of illusionists from the past, Harris employs innovative and modern technologies to present his enchanting studies of butterflies interacting within the confines of the old glass jar.

These delicate butterflies respond to the presence of the viewer in a charming flutter of movement around the virtual staging within the scene. Their kaleidoscopic performance is intriguing and hypnotic, as if they were dancing to an unheard symphony.