Deserted: Joshua Tree National Park (2016)

4K UHD Glass Screen, Multi-point IR touch overlay, 3D Sensor, Bespoke Software, Industrial Computer, Blackened Aluminium.

Medium Format:
65" screen with visible sensor above.
850 (W), 1485 (H), 185 (D) mm
33.5 (W), 58.5 (H), 7.3 (D) inches
Edition of 8 + 2AP + 2P

Large Format:
84" screen with visible sensor above.
1194 (W), 2000 (H), 105 (D) mm
47.1 (W), 78.8 (H), 4.2 (D) inches
Edition of 8 + 2AP + 2P

Exclusively available through Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

Giant branching yuccas, commonly known as Joshua Trees, inhabit the sandy plains of the magnificent Joshua Tree National Park which is sandwiched between the Mojave and Colorado desert systems.  The landscape is also studded with the massive granite monoliths and rock piles. These fascinating photogenic and geological phenomena are combined within the artwork to create a surreal landscape in which unexpected events, wildlife, and weather conditions respond to the playful touch of the viewer.