New York Time “T” Magazine


Extract from “T” magazine in New York Times, 18 October 2013

Just last year, Dominic Harris built a 50-foot wide, 3.2-ton disc, which was illuminated with orange LED lighting, suspended beneath a cargo helicopter and flown up the River Thames. The “UFO” was a cheeky billboard for Microsoft’s latest Halo video game. “I love the audacity of being ridiculous,” Harris says.

The London-based designer, who has trained and worked as an architect, has since deployed the same futuristic theatrics on a much smaller scale to create a hanging light fixture called the Moon Chandelier. It uses the very new (and very expensive) technology of organic LEDs, which emit light from a wafer-thin substrate. But rather than accentuate that flatness — which has been the impulse of other designers — Harris encapsulated the lights in tennis-ball-size acrylic spheres, which appear like illuminated water droplets, and assembled the piece by hand in his multidisciplinary studio. “I still feel that we’re very much artisans, working with cutting-edge technology,” says Harris, whose designs caught the eye of Ron Dennis, the high-profile owner of the McLaren Formula One racing team. Dennis not only bought one of Harris’s works — he invested in the whole studio.

(photo: Hugo Tillman)