Digital Shimmer launch in Design Miami/Basel


Several of Dominic Harris’s artworks are on display at Design Miami/Basel from June 15-21 2015 in Basel, Switzerland. On show for the first time is the new “Digital Shimmer” lighting sculptures. These can be seen at the stand of Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design, alongside “Stained Glass“, “Ruffled“, and “Flutter Wall” artworks.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs – Interview With The Artist


Were you able to reference the original Disney film when creating your pieces?
I was honoured to be granted access by Disney to their Disney Animation Research Library Archives of original art from the film. I was able to see original artist sketches from the 1930s and use this as a basis of my work. It has been an incredible process, one that has really pushed my full imagination and storytelling techniques to the limit. Re-imagining these iconic characters has only really been down to the most privileged access of working with the original archive at Disney, and their full support along the way.

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PAD Paris and Art Paris 2015


Dominic Harris will have his work exhibited extensively during the Paris art week in March 2015.    His work will be exhibited at PAD Paris by Dutch gallery Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design where his newest creation”Stained Glass: Arboretum“will be shown for the first time.

Simultaneously, Harris’s work will be displayed at the Art Paris fair represented by UK gallery Sarah Myerscough.  On show will be several pieces, including the artist proof digital study for his “Concentric Study” which will be projected all week long on the external façade of the Grand Palais as part of a major commission.



Ruffled artwork edition now complete


At the Geneva Art Fair (January 2015), Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design presented the full “Ruffled” edition of 20 birds together for the first time.   This marked the first showing of the now completed full set of birds, with the Pygmy Owl being the final bird.

The full edition can be viewed on:


PAD London 2014


PAD London 2014 was an exciting exhibition in which Dominic Harris showed the largest collection yet of this Ruffled artworks. In the video, the Ruffled and Jungled artworks are explored in more detail about half way through the clip.

Emergence at Heathrow Terminal 2


Dominic Harris has designed a major lighting sculpture for Caviar House & Prunier at the new Heathrow Terminal 2.The lighting sculpture named “Emergence”, captures the re-imagined movement of a school of fish moving underwater.It is a sculptural expression of the fascinating light patterns and shimmers that emerge across the collective bodies of fish as they move in harmony within water whilst reflecting the natural sun light.

This is physically manifested as a kinetic moment frozen in space and time, and re-animated through cutting-edge interactive digital lighting. The project has been created through Dominic’s own production team at his London-based Cinimod Studio.

Design at Large, Design Miami/Basel


Dominic Harris has been selected to feature in a new exhibition, “Design at Large”, running within the Design Miami/Basel art fair between June 17th-22nd 2014. Curated by Dennis Freedman, the creative director of Barney’s New York, Dominic’s Ice Angel artwork will be featured alongside other monumental installations. More of Dominic’s work will also be on display with his gallery, Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design, including his new Jungled and Ruffled artworks.

PAD Paris 2014


A brief video review of the PAD PARIS 2014 show (25-30 March 2014) . The exhibition was presented by Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design, and featured the new “Hummingbird” artwork and a beautiful display of four “Ruffled” artworks arranged around a painting my Mary A. Waters.

Art 14 London


Several new artworks by Dominic Harris made their inaugural appearance at the Art 14 London fair.   Presented by the Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design,  the show included the new “Jungled” artwork presented on an 84 inch Ultra High Definition screen.   Several of the “Jungled” edition were sold direct from the fair in what proved to be an exceptionally busy and successful week.


artgenève 2014


Dominic Harris returned to the Geneva Art Fair for the second year in a row, presented again by the Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design.  On show was the Ruffled “Dodo”, 3 new Shimmer artworks, and the few remaining Baby Butterfly artworks from an edition that is almost sold out.