Stained Glass: Arboretum (2016)

55" Glass transparent OLED Screen, Steel, Aluminium, Custom Electronics, Custom Software, Speakers, 3D Camera, Computer

1650 (W), 1110 (H), 400 (D) mm
64.9W x 43.7H x 15.7D inches

Edition of 8 + 2AP + 2P

Exclusively available through Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

Since the 10th Century stained glass has been treated as a sophisticated art form, often symbolically depicting romance and religion. Though the fundamentals have remained the same, the medium has a rich visual history of artist experimentation through many different stylistic periods.

In “Stained Glass: Arboretum”, new life is brought to this aged technique, re-imagining what a stained glass window can become when digitally manipulated by the onward gaze of the viewer who in turn becomes an active participant. Whereas stained glass was historically a technique to communicate tales and events, Harris’s artwork conversely reflects this history through its movement and transmutability. As the representation of a fantastical tree structure floats within the artwork, a flurry of foliage grows upon the branches only to soon fall to the ground in a gentle eddy of seasonal colours.